Fall 2019 Newsletter

God’s care through mentoring…

We are so grateful for our mentors! What a life-changing gift to walk with someone through the challenges and joys of life. Ashley and her mentor Judy have continued their friendship as Ashley has moved into her own housing with her son Declan. Judy “A lot of my willingness to come along side comes from my earlier years as a military wife traveling around the country and not living close to relatives. It was natural to reach out to other people and make them part of our family.

Ashley is a very caring person and loving mother who just needed someone to encourage and help her. She and Declan have become part of our family and we delight in spending time with them. I so enjoy being a mentor and would encourage others to become involved in the New Way mentoring program.”

Ashley “How I initially felt about mom before getting to know her? That I didn’t need a mentor. But now mom and dad are family. They treat Declan like he is their grandchild, and they are always there to support me and give me advice. I never would have thought my relationship with them would end up being so close to me.” -Ashley

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